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  • ​Harassment & discrimination

  • Hostile work environment

  • Bullying

  • Wrongful termination

  • Retaliation

  • Fraud in hiring

  • Misconduct

  • Severance agreements

"Judith not only successfully handled my employment dispute but also restored my faith in lawyers. She is an incredibly smart, competent, and caring individual. She is also consistently responsive. There were times when we would communicate via phone and email multiple times throughout the day. Even though I knew I was not her only client, I always felt like I was her most important."


"I've had Judith as opposing counsel on two large employment cases. I am a senior attorney, but I learned many new things watching Judith in action.  She takes some of the best depositions I've ever seen. She can cut a witness to shreds but is always professional and courteous."

"Judith is the epitome of class and professionalism, with the acute ability to provide dedicated, compassionate and sound advice.

"She helped me understand state employment laws, and ensured that my best interests were at heart...I would recommend Judith to anyone."


"Judith represented me in a 10-week trial that resulted in a jury verdict in my favor! Not only did she do an excellent job in representing me during trial; she represented and supported me for the years it took pre trial. She is passionate, strong, and professional. Pre trial, judith was excellent about educating me each step of the way! She picked me up when things got hard...Judith fought hard for me and encouraged me endless times, reminding me that I was strong. When we finally went to court I had complete trust and confidence with her in the process. She was tough fighting for me and graceful when i needed her to be. She displayed many impressive arguments that blew me away. She worked so hard for me for so many years: consistent, thorough, and tireless. Judith was loyal from the first day I met her."

"Before Judith took on my case, I was a complete stranger to legal issues and could not possibly anticipate the arduous road that lay ahead. Yet, throughout this difficult process, Judith was always one step ahead of my concerns and her unyielding words of encouragement and strength were truly what kept me perseverant during these rough months. From the beginning, Judith shared my outrage at the events leading to my wrongful termination and felt that my case should be public. One of the principal turning points of my case was when she helped me relate my story to a local reporter who published an article about my experiences. The release of this article ultimately led to my reinstatement. Although my main goal was always just to get my job back, Judith encouraged me and helped me to pursue a financial settlement as well. In this regard, Judith completely exceeded any and all expectations I had from an attorney. She not only helped return my life to normalcy, but she truly sought justice on all fronts for the wrong I had experienced."

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