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Providing expert legal representation of California employees, in private and public sectors, for matters including: 

  • ​Harassment & discrimination

  • Wrongful termination

  • Whistleblower retaliation

  • Fraud in hiring

  • Misconduct (representation through investigation)

  • Severance

  • Internal complaints

  • Administrative leaves, etc.

  • FMLA/maternity leave

  • Severance agreements


 If you are experiencing harassment, discrimination, or retaliation at work --or have been accused of misconduct and need an attorney for the investigation process -- I guarantee a prompt, confidential response. 


Overview of California law -- always changing.

     California employment law is in a perpetual state of change, and the consequences for non-compliance can be severe. Years of experience have taught me that a surprising number of employers break employment laws -- some because they don't understand what the law requires, but others as a matter of practice and policy. I stay on top of current events and changes in employment law to provide excellent representation. If you have been mistreated at work, I will fight to make your employer correct mistakes and compensate you for unlawful conduct.  If you have been accused of misconduct at work, I will prepare you for what's ahead.

     If you fear you are being set up for termination, the best time to contact a lawyer is before termination occurs. But if you have already been fired by the time you are reading this, there is still hope. California law provides multiple layers of protection for California employees. In addition to the Fair Employment and Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination and harassment, the California Labor Code is constantly expanding protections for employees. The Labor Code protects employees from being fired for engaging in basic workplace rights such as discussing wages with other employees, threatening to file a complaint, complaining about working conditions, reporting unsafe working conditions, attending jury duty, and the like. See link here: Laws that Prohibit Retaliation and Discrimination (


     Additional protections are afforded by the National Labor Relations Board, which protects employees for being fired for "union busting" retaliation. Employee protections also reach deeply into the contracts that employers and employees form at the beginning and end of the employment relationship. Non-compete clauses are not allowed in California following the end of an employment relationship. See link here: Attorney General Bonta Reminds Employers and Workers That Noncompete Agreements Are Not Enforceable Under California Law | State of California - Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General. Blanket confidentiality clauses are also no longer lawful in California. See link here: Bill Text - SB-331 Settlement and nondisparagement agreements. ( 

And sometimes I have been able to get employees reinstated with full compensation for their wrongful termination.


"I've had Judith as opposing counsel on two large employment cases. I am a senior attorney, but I learned many new things watching Judith in action.  She takes some of the best depositions I've ever seen. She can cut a witness to shreds but is always professional and courteous."

"I did a phone consult with Judith, who was calm, compassionate and thorough. She spent an hour on the phone with me and laid out my options...she did an amazing job of hearing through my tears, showing empathy and talking me through the possibilities."


"Judith represented me in a 10-week trial that resulted in a jury verdict in my favor! Not only did she do an excellent job in representing me during trial; she represented and supported me for the years it took pre trial. She is passionate, strong, and professional. Pre trial, judith was excellent about educating me each step of the way! She picked me up when things got hard...Judith fought hard for me and encouraged me endless times, reminding me that I was strong. When we finally went to court I had complete trust and confidence with her in the process. She was tough fighting for me and graceful when i needed her to be. She displayed many impressive arguments that blew me away. She worked so hard for me for so many years: consistent, thorough, and tireless. Judith was loyal from the first day I met her."

"Before Judith took on my case, I was a complete stranger to legal issues and could not possibly anticipate the arduous road that lay ahead. Yet, throughout this difficult process, Judith was always one step ahead of my concerns and her unyielding words of encouragement and strength were truly what kept me perseverant during these rough months. From the beginning, Judith shared my outrage at the events leading to my wrongful termination and felt that my case should be public. One of the principal turning points of my case was when she helped me relate my story to a local reporter who published an article about my experiences. The release of this article ultimately led to my reinstatement. Although my main goal was always just to get my job back, Judith encouraged me and helped me to pursue a financial settlement as well. In this regard, Judith completely exceeded any and all expectations I had from an attorney. She not only helped return my life to normalcy, but she truly sought justice on all fronts for the wrong I had experienced."

Consultation is free.

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