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Your issue is unique.

Your employment issue is influenced by numerous factors including the size and nature of the company you work for, the complexity of its organization and of your job, whether your work is remote or in office (or hybrid), personalities of the people with whom you work, your own tenure, working style and personality, and the policies and procedures that govern your working relationship.

One fact is true: regardless of whatever else is going on, all employment is governed by state and federal law, and your employer must comply with those laws. Period. 

Some employment cases represent obvious violations of California law, like sexual harassment, race or disability-based discrimination, a termination that quickly follows a report to OSHA about a safety violation. We lawyers love those cases, because they're easy to prove. My very first employment case involved the rape of a 16-year old cashier by her shift supervisor at a fast-food joint. He had just been released from prison and the restaurant had not even done a background check on him. That was an exciting way to start a career. Since then, I've had many fascinating, egregious cases where liability was clear from the outset.

But the vast majority of employment cases are much more subtle. Perhaps you were promised certain things when you were hired that never happened. That could be fraud, depending on what was said, when, and whether the promise was material. Perhaps you have a supervisor who is always on your case no matter how small the issue or how late in the day. While micromanaging is usually not a legal issue, it could very well be a violation of company policies against abusive conduct -- and we can do something about it. And if the needling behavior is retaliatory for something else that happened, that's definitely worth talking about. Or maybe you have been placed on notice that you're going to be terminated, and you believe the termination is retaliatory. Let's talk about the history of your employment at that place. 

You have questions, and hopefully I have answers. 

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