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The fact that you landed here suggests you may not be happy or secure at work. The terms and conditions of employment are governed by company policies, and also by federal and state law. Harassment, discrimination and retaliation on the basis of numerous protected categories are prohibited. If your employer is of a certain size and you meet certain requirements, you are entitled to Family Medical Leave with a guarantee of non-retaliation upon your return. Your employer must provide a safe workplace. Your employer may not retaliate against you on the basis of having complained about wages or working conditions. And so forth.

Some situations are obvious violations of California law.  The vast majority are more subtle. Let's talk.

a former client says: "Judith is without a doubt the lawyer you want on your side in any kind of employment dispute. She is thoughtful in her analysis and proposal of strategies and solutions, and just as importantly, she is eminently kind and empathetic in her approach. She treats you like a human she truly cares about helping, and not just a case with a potential payout. After just the first consultation we knew were in capable and compassionate hands with Judith, and she saw us through for over a year until we got the relief we wanted."

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